Sturm und Drang - Nicole Eisenman

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The first appraisal of Nicole Eisenman's recent turn to sculpture

The work of New York-based artist Nicole Eisenman (born 1965) blends influences from Western art history and traditional figurative art with elements of punk, feminist activism, queer identity and humor in profoundly unique works. Published in conjunction with the 2020 Suzanne Deal Booth / FLAG Art Foundation Prize exhibitions—Nicole Eisenman: Sturm und Drang, presented at the Contemporary Austin, and Nicole Eisenman and Keith Boadwee, presented at the FLAG Art Foundation in New York—this project represents the first in-depth exploration of Eisenman’s sculptural practice. The catalog features full-color illustrations and original texts by Heather Pesanti, Stephanie Roach and Jonathan Rider, Alhena Katsof, Litia Perta, and Nicole Eisenman, as well as a conversation between artists Eisenman and Boadwee. The book reflects on various aspects of these two exhibitions, with a focus on Eisenman’s recent shift toward sculpture as both a new focus and always-present undercurrent in her work brought to the surface.