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Birthed from the Miami Underground Scene, SAAVIK is a punk/metal/industrial "supergroup" of sorts. Its members are or have been involved in influential groups including Holly Hunt, Bleeth, Laboratory, Haochi, Beings, Cavity, and Floor. Heavily distorted bass, massive, effects-laden guitar tones, space opera-sounding synths, relentless, tom-heavy drumming, and haunting vocals draw you into an otherworldly space.

SAAVIK’s eponymous first transmission tells the familiar story of a leader who’s lost their way. With heavy nods to the fantasy universes of Roddenberry and Lovecraft, this four-part narrative explores existential themes of abandonment, betrayal, assimilation, metamorphosis, and rebirth. While lyrically sparse, further implications of the story are conveyed sonically, relying heavily on rhythm, drone, and texture to set pacing and moods.