DJ Stingray’s Black History Month 2021-2022

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"DJ Stingray’s Black History Month 2021-2022 is a physical archive built from a series of Instagram posts made by seminal electronic musician and DJ, Sherard Ingram, commonly known as DJ Stingray, from January through March of 2021 and 2022. The posts, made daily during these time frames, spotlight pioneering Black figures within science, technology, engineering, mathematics and beyond, many of whose contributions impact the viewer on a regular basis while the contributor remains relatively obscure.

The physical archiving of information that, as of the time of this writing, remains available online for free speaks to two points: the possibility of reverting back to techniques many now deem antiquated as the arbitrary/intentional throttling of social media engagement becomes increasingly prevalent. The second reflects on a facet of Ingram’s professional work - the archiving and redistribution of significant musical contributions, many of whose contributors remain relatively obscure, too.

As we look to DJs to share their own forms of research inside various clubs around the world, this documentation offers a glimpse of what could happen when we separate the exchange of knowledge from its stereotypical confines and transform barriers to entry into unlocked doors.

Limited first run, 64 pages perfect bound 6.5”x 4” made on a whim after a particularly inspiring Sunday morning session at @dwellerforever."