Ardent No. 1

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Ardent Projects is a photography platform by Gusto Mendoza and Edwin Beauchamp. Ardent No. 1 features 30 photographers, 55 images in 100 pages. Our goal with this first project is to rekindle with the community. A way catch up with friends, discover their new work and share it with a wider a new audience.

Featuring: Josh Aronson, Peter Betancourt, Rose Marie Cromwell, Niko Devera, Alfonzo Duran, Eugénie Ernst, Steph Estrada, Danny Gonzalez, Adler Guerrier, James Jackman, Phillip Karp, Paola Katherine, Christiaan López-Miró, Carolina Menendez, Ketty Zi Merino, Melanie Metz, Lex Morales, Pedro Motta, Peggy Levison Nolan, Jesus Petroccini, Parker Phelps, Terence C. Price II, Steven Rico, Jaime Salazar, Ivan Santiago, Gesi Schilling, Grade Solomon, Martina Tuaty, David Turbeville, Monica Uszerowicz.