Bed Zine vol 1

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Bed Zine is a curated selection of art and writing by disabled artists around the world about BED.

40 colour pages

Created/Edited by Tash King
Cover Art by Dana Kearley
Editoral Design by Carly Clements

Featuring the work of Ashley Bravin, Rora Blue, Dwayne Mcboone, Emmett Shoemaker, River Stone, Ally Zlatar, Omar Majeed, Olivia Muenz, MP Armstrong, Sara Zielinski, Kara Stanton, Kelsey Drivinski, Kyla Jamieson, Stacey Colclough, Jessica Williamson, Hayley Cranberry, Juan Sebastián Cassiani, Iosune de Goñi, Charlie Skilling, and Clara Akissi Nzambi.