COMMUNITY COOKBOOK Vol 2 Curated by Sienna Fekete

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This community cookbook was conceptualized as a way to bring together cherished recipes and the memories, traditions, and family legacies we carry with them. This project seeks to make folks feel a little more connected to one another, by way of our kitchens. Inspired by the history of community cookbooks as a tool for information and skill sharing, I know food to be a great unifier. I grew up with an immense love for food, discovering new tastes, textures, and its creative possibility—without an extensive knowledge of the practice of cooking nor a way around the kitchen. This is my way of learning and exploring food together with my community and creating a resource that hopefully will inspire us to learn from each other and try out some new things. This cookbook was created by and for my community. Thank you for bringing this project to life!

Curated by Sienna Fekete,  Designed by Rin Kim Ni, Recipe Illustrations by Shireen Alia Ahmed, Web Illustrations & Cover Art by Steph Lau