Sylvia by dsrtdbch Cassette

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dsrtdbch is the multifaceted project of Raphael Alexis Alvarez. It blends elements of ambient, techno, post-punk, and noise as a means to express spiritual and worldly matters of self with a focus on cathartic healing through sound meditation.

"Sylvia" touches on queer themes, existentialism, isolation, and space built on a foundation of minimal techno, house, and ambient soundscapes; it invites the listener to dance, meditate, and experience some semblance of release.


released June 22, 2018

dsrtdbch is raphael alexis alvarez

recorded throughout the year two thousand and seventeen (current era)
rat mastered by frank falestra
design by richard vergez
photography by marcela loayza
additional cassette layout by mariana mendoza

dedicated to: all past-present-future lgbtqia+ folx for
carrying light through darkness
corinne for unwavering support
the garden of edgarzen
for keeping watch
over penny and
will for love

gratitude to:
emile for allowing this project to breathe
figbox for its many phases of existence
be well