Animals of the Four Windows: Integrating Thinking, Sensing, Feeling and Imagery by Eligio Stephen Gallegos

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This is a profoundly important, provocative, and groundbreaking book – the first clear and comprehensive introduction to the four modes of human knowing. Dr Gallegos thesis – that there are in fact four windows, that they are of equal value and power, and that our survival depends on re-dressing are over-reliance upon thinking – appears, at first, to be a revelation. But then we settle into a deeper remembering that this is something we have always known, before we were taught and trained otherwise. Indeed, reading this book initiates our own Journey of Return to our original balance of knowing. It is a must read for all educators, all psychotherapists, all parents… Really for all human denizens of 20th-century self-destroying industrial-growth society. Bill Plotkin Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist. Steve Gallegos presents us here with a new approach and proof of its validity... The process is for the sake of reaching wholeness and with that liberation. One might say that he lets the divine in us have its say, because it is in us and manifests all the time, but we can hear it only if we listen and do not interfere with our analyzing minds ...One would wish that this book be widely read by educators and psychologists and used as a new and effective approach. Here is a true “revisioning” of psychology and a powerful means to understanding and respecting our depth. Edith Wallace, M.D., Ph.D. Author of A Queen's Quest“In this new book Stephen Gallegos has opened his conceptual windows wider than before, to include the four human faculties also discussed by Carl Jung. Thinking, feeling and sensation are presented similarly to Jung's system, but his new twist is creatively insightful: the fourth function is imagery, not intuition as Jung has it. (Gallegos envisions intuition as potential to all the functions.) Deep imagery, alive with its own suchness, as are the animals, is not just to be manipulated for our own ends as in some psychological systems of guided imagery, but respected for its own inner vitality and wisdom. It is a revitalization of the human soul from within that is the real goal of Stephen Gallegos' approach. The reader will find his prose clear and inviting while he reveals to us a new (yet very old) way of revisioning our minds. This book is a must for those interested in self-exploration, guided imagery, and the never-ending, self-transformative work of the creative shaman. Stephen Larsen, Author of The Shamans Doorway and The Mythic ImaginationThe Animals of the Four Windows presents an overview of the four modes of knowing; Thinking, Sensing, Imagery and Feeling. While it has certain similarities to Jung's ideas on the same topic, its major difference is that it distinguishes between Imagery and Intuition in a way Jung did not. The book describes how the ways of knowing have been distorted and how we have moved out of balance, with a strong bias towards thinking and sensing and a lack of value on Imagery and Feeling. It explores the possibility of a return by the Four Ways of Knowing to a balanced relationship with one another, in each individual as a way of healing and of accessing our deep inner wisdom.


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