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🕷️📚 Prepare to be spooked as @Dale_Zine unveils a chilling zine by @corbins.creatures, straight from the eerie depths of their twisted imagination! 💀🌟

Whether you're a fan of fantastical horrors, grotesque art, or simply crave a bloodcurdling dose of the macabre, this zine is your one-way ticket to a nightmarish netherworld! 🕯️🗡️⛓ 

48 pages
Full color - Offset Printing
Published by Dále Zine® 2023

“Corbin’s Creatures was founded in 2021 by Eric Corbin, who is the sole owner and operator of the company. Corbin is a self taught painter, sculptor, mold maker, makeup artist, seamstress, and photographer that specializes in high quality, hand crafted latex masks. Before jumping into the world of creature design and special makeup effects, Corbin worked from 2015-2020 professionally sewing and designing his own clothing brand called Scraps from America, made mostly from recycled goods. 

“Costume/clothing design goes hand in hand with making characters and creating worlds, so I’ve always watched a lot of films and had my eye on creatures even since I was really young, deep down I’ve always wanted to do this kind of work.”