Death by Diet - Robert Barefoot

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Death by Diet is an informative guide to health and longevity written by Bob Barefoot. Barefoot explores the connection of the food we eat and its impacts on our overall health and life expectancy. Death by Diet details how healthy individuals register body fluids such as blood and saliva in normal alkaline (pH) levels and unhealthy individuals body fluids register in the low pH ranges on an acidic test scale. Barefoot relates the positive impact of simple dietary changes combined with vitamin and mineral supplementation in this easy to follow book to health. *DID YOU KNOW that the body fluids, such as blood, spinal and saliva, of the healthy are alkaline (high pH), whereas the body fluids of the sick are acidic (low pH)? *DID YOU KNOW that most degenerative disease attributed to aging, such as cancer, osteoporosis, and heart disease, and other diseases such as allergy, kidney stones and gallstones have all been scientifically linked to mineral deficiencies that result in your body fluids, including your saliva, becoming more acidic? *DID YOU KNOW that scientists have found that cancer thrives in an acidic medium, but cannot survive in an alkaline medium? *DID YOU KNOW that by spitting on a penny's worth of pH paper you can measure your level of acidity and health? *DID YOU KNOW that with vitamin and mineral supplements, you can lower the acidity of your body fluids and become healthy? *DID YOU KNOW that a 10 year study of 5000 men 45 to 59 by the British Medical Research Council found that those who drank more than one half liter of milk each day reduced heart disease tenfold? *DID YOU KNOW that a 25 year study of 4697 women by the Finland National Public Health Institute found "an overwhelming association between the consumption of milk and the prevention of breast cancer"? This description may be from another edition of this product. 

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