EVA CARZUL - Art Maker Sketchbook/Journal

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EVA CARZUL - Art Maker Sketchbook/Journal

"Eva Carzul was born on November 11, 1995 in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay.

She was born in a period of change of the millennium, where there was a whole questioning about the new era.

Coming from a family of historical and innovative lineage, his ancestors being one of the 14 signatory deputies of the Declaration of Independence in 1825 of Uruguay, also like that, creators of the first postal mail and later founders of one of the first newspapers in the country called ‘The People’s Tribune’ in the building that his family built itself, nicknamed Palacio Lapido, today being a national historical heritage.

With only one year of life, her family moved to Punta del Este, a prestigious resort where she lived and grew up surrounded by stimuli as varied as contact with nature, art, and the magnificence of the city.

Firstborn of 4 brothers, being she the only woman. Her life passed between the books and extensive plans of her father, an industrial engineer, which she intervened with the hundreds of paint bottles and brushes of her mother, a graduate in fine arts.

For Eva, since her childhood, painting was something everyday, as well as playing with nature.

She can highlight actions throughout her childhood such as the creation of an outstanding book about La Paz, actions to care for marine fauna, inclusive sign language training, first prize in several art contests.

Her drive for her art led her to organize visits to museums of great artists, wanting to promote art to her class.

Throughout her entire life, she always attended her mother’s art workshop, where she learned the use of color, shape, concept, forms and the great artistic currents. Although her mother was a great influencer, she always gave her the freedom to be self-taught.

One of the resources that accompanied her throughout her life has been her universal vision and her spirituality.

In her adolescence she traveled to New York and Miami where she visited the great museums, thus broadening the spectrum of her art.

Having grown up in the framework of an engineer father, she developed her rational hemisphere and she decided to study economics being the first in her generation to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Integration. She did her student internship in Shanghai City, China, then she worked in Dongguan City for a year.

Eva speaks several languages ​​including English, Portuguese, French, Mandarin and Spanish, being her mother tongue.

Parallel to her curricular training, she made trips to Europe, Asia and Oceania with the purpose of expanding her vision of the world.

Having returned to her country, she began to work in a financial broker, capturing the mechanisms of economic functioning.

She was crossed by the Pandemic like everyone else, and in the face of her uncertainty, existential questions arose in her, about what in this life made her really happy and that was how she went back to painting, to find yourself.

In a world with parameters where the material is above all things, and having lived in that world, she decided to follow the path of art that she considers leaves a mark on herself and on others, for which she moved to Miami where the movement cultural is much greater, and at the moment he is making his second pictorial series entitled »Parallelism’ and dedicated to developing his sensitivity as an emerging artist.

Today Eva she lives and works from art, as a motor and impulse of life and she is projected to establish herself in different languages ​​of art."