Ex-Libris by Mundus Press

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Complete list of artists: Aidan Koch, Annabell P. Lee, Astrid Terrazas, Brook Hsu, Caroline Schub, Cecile Mclorin Salvant, Chelsea Wong ,Crystal Regan, Daniel Perlmutter, Emma Rosenzweig, Eugene Terry, Jonny Negron, Jordan Nassar, Maia Ruth Lee, Noel Freibert, Rj Supa, Tal R, Tara Castellano, and Tauba Auerbach.

A perforated book of 19 bookplates made by different artists from around the country and Denmark. It includes an introduction by writer and bookseller, Jen Fischer (based in New York City). Cover art by Emma Kohlmann. Design and layout by Charlotte Kohlmann. This book is risograph printed by the Risolve Studios team in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Each bookplate can be ripped out neatly and used as a form of personal identification for books, diaries, etc. 20% of profits will be given to LIT, a New York City literacy program that works with incarcerated youth.

Edition of 400. The first release from our press! We have always imagined starting a press together. One that is inclusionary, collaborative, and involving different artists, writers, bookmakers, and individuals who wouldn’t consider making books. The word Mundus can be traced to Etruscan and Latin roots, it can be defined as “womb and world”, “the universe and its inhabitants”, “ to keep time”..