Face For The Algo - Agua Dulce & Sabrina Diaz

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This project is not only a calendar, but also acts as an art piece commenting on the need for oneself to “sell the body / face” in order to increase virtual visibility 🤳🏽
In our post-capitalist / neo-feudal / social media modern reality 😓, we as artists are limited in our ability to center community support when we ourselves may be struggling financially / having to prioritize our own stability 🙄 How can we as creatives offer our craft and artistic vision to help reallocate funds to the orgs doing the work we believe in when we may not have the capacity to do that work ourselves?
✨Every✨ artist and friend involved in FACE FOR THE ALGO donated their time and labor to this project. In doing so, this allowed for your purchase to act as a donation💰💰💰 to the many orgs who share our values.
This year’s raised funds are going to support the efforts of @love_the_everglades @miamiworkerscenter @transsocial @wecount_fl @palestinianyouthmovement 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽