For Cats Only Photographs by Pascale Weber Edited by Nadine Barth.

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Feline architectures: a fun and affordable picture-book of cats with their cat trees

Every cat owner knows the frustration of shelling out a considerable amount of money for a cat tree or scratching post only to find that their feline family member prefers to sleep in the box the item came in. Some lucky cat owners also know the unexpected delight that comes from seeing cats use the accessories made just for them, the strange satisfaction of catching their kitty relaxing on their kitty-sized furniture.

Against stylish pastel backdrops, Swiss photographer Pascale Weber poses her feline subjects on a variety of different cat-specific pieces, lounging on the roof of a fuzzy ice cream truck and balancing atop a three-pronged scratching post that resembles a cactus. Her photography series captures the undeniable charm of cats on their best behavior while also providing a tongue-in-check echo of more serious forms of design. The artfulness of each cat tree mirrors the contemporary aesthetic trends of human-sized architecture and sculpture: multifaceted, functional and ultimately representative of those who utilize such structures. Each cat presents their home just as proudly as a person might in this surprising combination of art and animal photography, perfect for cat lovers and art enthusiasts alike.