Grow With Your Plants: The Mother Earth Hassle-Free Way Paperback – January 1, 1974

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Lynn and Joel Rapp, Ms. and Mr. Mother Earth, the authors of bestselling Mother Earth's Hassle-Free Indoor Plant Book, once again have turned their experiences with little green things into an amusing and instructive book. Grow With Your Plants tells you about a number of indoor plants not dealt with in the first Mother Earth book (flowering plants, bonsai, herbs, cacti, special plants for children, etc.) and more importantly, it shows how living with plants and sharing their green goodness will measurably add to the pleasure you can derive from life every day. As they write in the Foreword, "We honestly believe that in The Mother Earth Hasle-Free Indoor Plant Book we said just about every basic thing you need to know with regard to what you can do for your plants. This time we have another goal. We're going to try and help you discover what your plants can dor for you. Marvin Rubin, whose amusing drawings grace these pages, has illustrated many books and magazine articles. He is a well-known friend of plants everywhere.