Hua Hsu, Noah Haytin Suspended in Time

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Suspended in Time is a series of zines about music and life edited by the writer Hua Hsu. The first issue showcases the art of Noah Haytin, an artist and educator who grew entranced with the rap scene emerging around him as a teenager in California’s East Bay in the early nineties. He knew he had to be a part of it. He hustled his drawings of local legends, like Too Short and E-40, into work designing logos and album art for Master P and No Limit Records, Mac Dre, and the Luniz, eventually becoming an in-house artist for the visionary Oakland design studio Phunky Phat Graph-X. The issue features an edited interview with Noah, his drawings from high school, a selection of his designs, logos, sketches and photography, and stickers reprinted from his original artwork for Mac Dre and No Limit. - SIT