Jerry Hsu The Beautiful Flower Is The World

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Legendary skateboarder and artist Jerry Hsu started his blog NAZI GOLD in 2009 as a repository for the cell phone photos he’d been collecting alongside his more traditional photography and film practices: shots of friends and strangers, roadside curiosities, and anything else that seemed to merit instant sharing with both peers and the public. In the ensuing years, the site grew from an exercise in visual note-taking into a uniquely hysterical embodiment of both Hsu’s keen artistic sense and his razor-sharp wit. Documenting his journeys through the high and low trappings of our culture, Hsu’s work captures everything from bootleg t-shirts and bathroom stall graffiti to unexpected truths and the occasional startling moment of humanity. An unerringly creative and endlessly clever chronicle of the deep ironies of our modern world, The Beautiful Flower Is the World collects the best of Hsu’s blog photography into a compelling and immersive whole.

Jerry Hsu is a photographer and professional skateboarder based in Los Angeles, California. As a photographer, he is noted for his early blogs, NAZI GOLD and Table for One. His work has appeared in publications including The New York Times MagazineViceiGNANT, and Lodown Magazine; and he has exhibited in Sweden, Berlin, Los Angeles, New York, Prague, Milan and Tokyo. Prior to The Beautiful Flower Is the World, Hsu published numerous zines, as well as his first photography book, The Killing Season, in 2013.


288 pages, 440 images
6.5 inches x 9.5 inches
ISBN 997-8-1944860-22-6