Jonny Negron: Negron

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The Brooklyn-based Jonny Negron, editor of the ongoing anthology zine Chameleon, emerged in 2011 as a web sensation, appearing in many anthologies and the subject of numerous features in Vice Magazine. An acclaimed “master of voluptuousness” in the tradition of Robert Crumb and Tom of Finland, his highly erotic drawings occupy a space that draws from fashion drawings, video games, Japanese hentai and street art. Negron is his first book and explores the ample proportions of his vision. It features all-new drawings of his signature zaftig women and gangsta men, placed in fantastical, raunchy scenarios involving multi-fluid lactation, demon-faced copulations and exaggerated accidents with various condiments. With new comic strips created especially for this publication, lists of the artist’s favorite things and selected vintage photography from 1970s magazines, Negron demonstrates how he has successfully combined high fashion with street comics. This is a guide to his brave new world, produced in as lush a package as the women in his work: printed on high-gloss paper, this dust-jacketed paperback is an art object unto itself, and will be coveted by fans of Juxtapoz magazine and street-style erotica.