La Ruta del Bakalao - Museo del Remember (1985-2012)

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5.75 x 10.25 inches


Digital press on silk-coated 100lb text and Orange 65lb cover

Orange coil binding with screen printed 130lb cover

Interview with Rubén Hernández of Museo del Remember and essay by Vista Oral (Alicia Escobio and Maite Muñoz) in both Spanish and English

Photographs by Susana Oliva, Translation by Stephen Shull, Copyediting by Will Bostwick.

First edition of 200

La Ruta del Bakalao tells the story of the cultural and musical movement that took place in and around Valencia’s dance clubs from the early 1980s to the late ’90s. Building upon the collection of flyers and merchandise from Rubén Hernández’s Museo del Remember with interviews, historical context, and images from the personal files of Susana Oliva, this publication approaches with affection a phenomenon whose origins are not well known and whose consequences have frequently been reviled. The aim is not to make a conclusive argument, but to reclaim a memory.