Loving A Photographic History of Men in Love Hugh Nini and Neal Treadwell

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This extraordinary book portrays the history of romantic love between men in hundreds of moving and tender vernacular photographs. Taken over a century, at a time when male partnerships were often illegal, these images narrate a story of astonishing joy, the universal story of what love looks like.

Gathered over 20 years, the collection includes photos from all over the world, each a celebration of two people in love, given away by an unmistakable look in their eyes, or by body language as subtle as one hand grazing another. In ambrotypes, daguerreotypes, glass negatives, tin types, cabinet cards, photo postcards, photo strips, and snapshots, the book also covers a century of social history and the development of photography.

Native Texans, collectors Hugh Nini and Neal Treadwell live and work in New York City.

5 Continents Editions
8.75 x 11in.
336pp., 350 col.
September 2020