Lumpen Magazine #136 - Post No Bills

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Lumpen Magazine #136 is an all Protest Poster edition.
We put the call out to our friends and allies to create and design some posters that you can put in your window, wheat-paste outside or hang on your wall. It’s our hope that by amplifying these messages we can demonstrate solidarity and incite action on multiple fronts.
The issue contains three dozen 12.75” x 19.5” posters made by:
Aaron Hughes, Adi Goodrich, Alex Hupp, Alvaro Illizarde, Christopher Dazzo, Clay Hickson, Dale Zine, Die Shop, Derek Weber, Drew Ryan, Eliza Weber, Firebelly, FTSNYN, Hayley Grimes, Kathleen Borkowski, Liana Jegers, Michael Freimuth, Noel Mercado, Ray Noland, Ryan Duggan, Savithri Velega, Shapes & Colors Dept, Two Tone Comix, William Estrada, Zach Halfhill, Zipeng Zhu.
Editorial Team: Louie Capozzoli, Jeremiah Chiu, Ed Marszewski, Drew Ryan
Design by: Louie Capozzoli and Jeremiah Chi