Mishou Magazine Issue #2: My Museum

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This issue’s theme is inspired by museums. Museums are filled with all sorts of things, from fossils, to furniture, to fashion. A lot of them are used to show and teach people about art, and can also be a space where the art is kept safe, so that humans can look at it for many years. Sometimes museums are in buildings, big or small. Sometimes they cost money to enter, and sometimes they are free. Sometimes you can take classes, or a tour. We hope that now, and in the future, museums will be open to everyone! At Mishou, we think that anyone can start a museum. If there is one topic you’re super interested in, you can create a museum all about that one thing! Since I love warbler birds, maybe I will start a “Warbler Museum”, with drawings, videos, sounds… anything that has to do with warblers! Museums can also have bigger ideas, or themes, and include lots of different things that fit into that category. For example, an “Art Museum” can include all kinds of art from the past, or the present! An “Archaeology Museum” can show historical objects all the way from dinosaur bones to maps of what Earth looked like thousands of years ago. In this issue of Mishou we want to share with you some unique and special examples of museums. On page 47 you will find the Titanic Historical Society, which has a museum in the back of a jewelry repair shop, and on page 5 there is The Revolving Museum, which makes art projects happen all over the place, by using lots of vehicles called artmobiles! Issue #2 contributors and artists range from age 5 to 48!

Issue #2 features:
Emma Kohlmann, Leanne Shapton, Somer Stampley, Brook Hsu, Brie Moreno, Dylan Kraus, Alake Shilling, Roberta Klug, Livia Charman, Shana Sadeghi-Ray, Tatum Mangus, Charlotte Kohlmann, The Revolving Museum, Keita, Michiru and Chow, Eden-Emmanuel Williams, Mila Kaufman, Tory Burch and Wilder Smith, Eliot, Jade, Joshua, Adi, Darby, Catalina, Haziel, Cosima, Luciano, Aaliyah, Amina, Angelina, Dallas, Aria, Noah, Gaby, Seth, Skylar, and Auset.

Highlighting work by artists ages 15 and under, collaborations between generations, and interactive sections, Mishou aims to validate children's identities as individuals and artists, and encourage intergenerational engagement through the arts. Every issue, 50% of the magazines are donated to various cultural institutions, public schools, and non-profit organizations centered around early childhood arts education.

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