Nocturnal Properties: A Poetry Anthology

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Nocturnal Properties: A Poetry Anthology. This theme can be interpreted and mis/interpreted however you like. It can be those places you go back to consistently when you fall asleep or the places you visit when you cannot sleep at all; maybe it’s a scene you try and imagine before you dream that you can never reach once your eyes are closed or just the creative mutations of memory and experiences that exist like locations. Totally real and unreal. Places that occupy our minds like a knocking ghost or a song. It can be none of this!
Poets and writers include:
Alex Speaks
Alex Mctigue
Amanda Jasnowski Pascual
Anahit Gulian
Andy Huang
Anna Cataldo
Dave Morse
Dennis Marcial
Eliot greenwald
Jayson Keery
Jen Calleja
Keri Smith
Kieran Morris
Laura Henriksen
Mary Jane Dunphe
Nadair Asghari
Quinn Harris
Tara Atefi
Whitney Bard

printed at Paradise Copies, Northampton, Massachusetts