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Less likely to be a keen mouser than some, the Taurus cat likes to take life easy and will happily just wait for you to provide what they want rather than go out to hunt for it.

If it seems as though the stars aligned to bring you the perfect four-legged friend…you may be right! Astrologer Stella Andromeda posits that, just like humans, every cat and dog is born under an astrological sign that helps to determine its personality and character. Thanks to these insightful little books, you can "decode your pet's personality with the power of the zodiac"—or at least amuse yourself when you realize your cat's tendency to be aloof one moment and cuddly the next marks her as an obvious Gemini! From human-animal compatibility tips (a canine Virgo is a good "energy balance" for a human Pisces) to lucky colors (a regal Leo prefers gold accessories, to reflect her "sense of worth"), these star guides may not be science, but they are a lot of fun! (KG)

Like us, every cat is born under an astrological sun sign which depends on their date of birth. Just knowing their sun sign will give you some insight into your cat's personality and character, which can be helpful to your relationship and understanding how you might clash or chime with your kitty.

In Cat Astrology Stella Andromeda answers all the burning questions you may have about your current – or future – pet, such as: Will an Aries cat suit your fiery Leo personality? Which star sign makes the lap cat? What's your kitty's lucky day of the week and favorite color? Stella also shares insights into the breeds that may best suit your personality, and shares that, if you know the time and place of your cat's birth, you can even have their astrological birth chart drawn up which yields even more information.

Fun and insightful, Cat Astrology will allow you to get to know your cat on a deeper level, by harnessing the power of the zodiac.