Phosphorescent, Tyrone Williams

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“Pushing the image out of its bounds I wanted to make something other worldly. Using 3D textures, warping colour values and contrasting dark tones with neon hues. This is a way of expressing something further within each image. A transformation with traces of raw form.
The same scene viewed from a different realm. This is about experimenting with pixels and pushing sight to limits.” —Tyrone Williams

“A psychedelic slice of British suburbia captured with Williams’ distinct eye, process and hyper bookmaking.” —ICA London Bookshop


7×9.25 inches.
64 Pages.
Edition of 300.
4-Color Riso Printed.
Glow-in-the-Dark Spiral Bound.
Acetate Cover w/ Solvent Ink Stamp.


Cover Design by Kurt Woerpel.
Production & Sequencing by Nichole Shinn.