pinky issue 2

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issue 2 of the official @girlscarryingshit magazine is all about reflecting on, reconnecting with, and healing your inner child through:

  • inviting myself over, an interview series by halle robbe, in which she interviews her friends about their childhood bedrooms in their adult bedrooms with photos by dev bowman & hannah freeman
  • what phone is your inner-middle-schooler texting you from? a quiz by natalie miller & halle robbe
  • triple pirouette, a personal essay by giana cittadino about the impact of classical ballet training on her body image, then and now
  • for girly boys and boyish girls, a personal essay by v magazine fashion editor savannah sobrevilla on her childhood affinity for gender neutral staples
  • playing dress-up, a photo series that invites you to imagine what your favorite characters from childhood would be like if they were living in 2023 brooklyn, directed by ziza hardin and photographed by hannah freeman
  • existing in a body, an essay in three parts on the horror of realizing you have a body during the peak of y2k diet culture by jackie roth
  • woman child, a coming-of-age poem for girls in their early 20's by trish mendoza
  • manic pixie real girl, a deconstruction & defense of the manic pixie dream girl trope by a former mpdg (natalie miller)
  • the official girlscarryingshit campaign for play, shot by carlotta plys-garzotto & edited by halle robbe
  • how to reconnect with your inner child, a list of suggestions in poetry form by halle robbe