Plaine Lagon #6

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158 X 215mm, 412 pages, full colour offset, lay flat binding, 2022

Lagon is a magazine of prospective comics. It is interested in new forms of graphic narration. Bilingual (french/english), it is partly printed and diffused by the editorial team and changes its name with each new volume.

PLAINE features Acacio Ortas, Adriaen Coenen, Anna Haifisch, Bettina Henni, Chris Harnan & Julien Gobled, Daria Chernyshova, Denis Boudouard, Élie Partouche, Félicité Landrivon (Brigade Cynophile), Flore Chemin, François de Jonge, Jack Tezam, Jean-Philippe Bretin, Julie Redon, Louka Butzbach, Marie Jacotey, Matt Mullican, Melek Zertal, Paul Descamps, Paul Lemaitre, Rozenn Voyer & Clément Faydit, Sébastien Sans-Arcidet, Séverine Bascouert, Son Ni & Chihoi, Yûichi Yokoyama, Laetitia Gendre, Sammy Stein, Zoë Taylor, Xavier Robel, Jin Angdoo.

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Lagon Revue