Radical as Folk - The Emeryville Mudflat Sculpture Garden

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8 x 10 in.

Perfect Binding

First edition of 100

Text by Joey Enos

Photographs by Robert Sommer, Courtesy CCA/C Archives


In the wake of the 1960s, while the Bay Area shook with political and social change, a radical sculpture garden bloomed on the side of Interstate 80, pushing the boundaries of public art. An anonymous, drive-through environment on the edge of the San Francisco Bay, the Emeryville Mudflat Sculpture Garden was an art space viewed at freeway speed. Constructed out of the debris piled high along the marginalized waterfront of the Bay, the sculptures were large and chaotic. Even at sixty miles per hour, they demanded your attention. They also possessed a unique duality: both timeless relics and reflections of the present moment. They were mysterious, magical, and remain deeply nostalgic for those who remember them today. - Joey Enos