Rainbow Body by Neysa King

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Book Summary: 
Rainbow Body is an enthralling collection of poetry which tells the story of self-discovery through sex, drugs, and sugar on Miami Beach. This 12-poem collection explores the idea that god is everywhere, even (and maybe especially) in the vices we are taught to avoid. Rainbow body is an “absolute joy,” says annabel harz of Reedsy, and a beautiful read for anyone in love with South Beach.

Author Bio: 
Neysa King is a poet and essayist whose work has appeared in O Miami's Poems at the Underline, Darling Magazine, Sand Berlin Literary Journal, SWWIM Every Day, ArtHeart, and others. She is the co-founder of Miami Poetry Club, a nonprofit for writers to create community and improve their craft. Her first collection of poetry, Rainbow Body, released December 2021 and since then has grown into a multi-disciplinary art project including film, theater, photography, NFT’s and music. She lives in Miami Beach. Read more at www.neysaking.com/rainbowbody or on instagram @neysaking.