Slowed and Throwed: Records of the City through Mutated Lenses

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Celebrating hip hop legend DJ Screw
This book documents a two-part exhibition on the legacy of the late Houston legend DJ Screw (1971-2000), best known as the creator of the now-famous “chopped and screwed” DJ technique, the leader of Houston's Screwed Up Click and an influential figure in the Houston hip hop community.

DJ Screw distorted songs by musical artists, creating “chopped and screwed” versions of the original by slowing tempo, reducing pitch, chopping lyrics and layering freestyles by Houston-based rappers. Known for his signature stretched sound, he also displayed deft skill evident in his transitions, sampling choices and beat juggling.

Slowed and Throwed: Records of the City through Mutated Lenses explores visual arts practices that parallel the musical methods of the innovative DJ. It features unconventional photography and new media works by artists with personal ties to Houston, including B. Anele, Rabéa Ballin, Tay Butler, Jimmy Castillo, Jamal Cyrus, Ben DeSoto, DJ Screw, Robert Hodge, Shana Hoehn, Tomashi Jackson, Ann Johnson, Devin Kenny, Liss LaFleur, El Franco Lee II, Karen Navarro, Kristin Massa, Ayanna Jolivet Mccloud, Sondra Perry and Charisse Pearlina Weston.