Some Wu-Tang Memories

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48 pages
Text(s) by Thomas Vincent and Yalhane Mecili
18 x 14 cm
Language: English
Paperback, with dustjacket
Publisher: Galerie Babylone & Le Grand Jeu
Edition of 100 numbered copies

"30 years after the release of 36 Chambers, we wanted to immerse ourselves again in the world of Wu-Tang. The idea was to take some details from their first video clips because in each of them, there was always something particular, original, fascinating, sometimes crazy. And in 1993, their arrival was a detonation, almost a UFO. The bringing together of so many talents, a brilliant producer and this unusual universe forever marked hip hop lovers. For this generation and those that follow, Wu Tang will have had as much of an impact on the history of music as Robert Johnson, The Beatles or Kraftwerk. Should we still find a way to express this artistic power by creating a virtual featuring with an American artist we love: Ed Ruscha. So, these screenshots are all of abandoned gasoline stations. As if we were coming to have our fill of pleasure through all their songs". - Thomas & Yalhane