Sometimes Mag Issue 9 - The Zamrock Issue

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Sometimes Mag Issue 9 is HERE!! What began as a chat with Jagari Chanda in 2019 somehow became a trip to Zambia with him and WITCH while they made their first new album in 45+ years!! Did this really happen or was it all just a strange dream?

Clocking in at 80pgs, The Zamrock Issue features WITCH frontman Jagari, disco-WITCH-era keysman Patrick Mwondela, Keith Kabwe of AMANAZ, Rikki Ililonga, Victor Kasoma of The Oscillations, Stefan Lilov (and Elie Ghersinu) of L’Eclair, Sampa the Great @sampa_the_great, Jasper Geluk, JJ Whitefield, Jacco Gardner, Nicola Mauskovic, Michael Rault and Pearl Charles, Gio Arlotta, and Taonga Julia Kaunda-Kaseka of Modzi Arts. With pieces by Lusaka-based curator Sana Ginwalla and writer K Kempson Flint Mabuluki.

🎸Mag design by @somebenharrison_ with @matt.gribben @gregpuglese @gimaskrey @temataaa @austinlotz, and editor @apparentlysean, photographer @sheldon_abba. Insights and “Dr. Zamrock History Lessons” by @fergusrichardsonsoar. Thanks to 📸 @neptunne @lauren_a_krohn and ✏️ @sandoz_soundscapes