The Story of Larry Levan: 1st superstar DJ by Matty

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Collect the all new FULL COLOUR version printed on professional silk grade paper!!

Larry Levan was the DJ at the seminal New York nightclub Paradise Garage arguably one of the most influential clubs ever.

A contemporary of the late Frankie Knuckles and David Mancuso Larry had a fascinating life story and has taken on an almost mythological status in the Dance music world not only as a DJ but a remixer of many seminal 80's dance tracks.

This is his story illustrated by artist Josef C and presented to you as this A5 zine.

The zine has 12 Full colour pages . This is a very limited version

The signed numbered first edition and subsequent 2nd & 3rd monochrome editions have sold out to collectors and libraries. Again only a very limited run of this colour one will be produced.