Tins & Skins

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Tins and Skins, written by musician and artist Lia Braswell, is a comprehensive guide to those curious about drumming and wanting to learn about the practice from a new perspective. In the book, Lia shares her favorite drummers and her experience as a female drummer as well as exercises and form instruction for those starting out.

“This is a guide for anyone who is curious about how to
start playing drums, as well as my persona journey in relationship with the instrument. It is a combination of methods learned in over 20 years of studying with teachers, listening to records, an channeling life experiences. It has been a personal voyage into self-expression and discovering community. It took a lot of discipline, repetition, and showing up when I experience resistance. It became a part of me. I could not go a day without it. It was my only source of therapy. Drums can be a way of surrendin to the inner child that just wants to play all day. It is holistic. I hope it can be for you, as well.”

Designed by Gonzalo Guerrero
Printed & Published by Secret Riso Club.

44 Pages
Size: 8x10”