Trust Me, I'm a Doctor: A Visual Catalog of Generic Dr Pepper-Style Soft Drink Logos, 1995-2020

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Nearly every supermarket chain in America has its own in-house Dr Pepper alternative. Almost always in maroon packaging with a doctor-themed product name, these generic brands have names and logos that indicate pep, vim, vigor and gustatory fulfillment of one kind or another - suggesting Dr Pepper’s logo but never quite imitating it. This booklet is a compendium of over fifty of the distinct logos used by these charlatans in the past thirty years., from Dr. A+ to Dr. Zing

Trust Me, I’m a Doctor is both a collection of bargain basement corporate design in North America that pushes potential trademark violation to its limits, as well as an homage to the early 2000s-era internet, when websites devoted to collecting and taste-testing Dr Pepper knockoffs were widespread.

Saddle stitched, 5.5" x 8.5"