Untitled (Cold Meat) Pegacorn Press

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These works were compiled to highlight some of the best examples of BDSM fetish art, from the collection of Cold Meat, a print connoisseur based in San Francisco, California. Ranging roughly from 1900-1970, a majority of these images were originally published in underground fetish digests, flagellation novels, chapbooks, and illicit magazines of the time.

In an era of technological ease, where one can quickly search images on the internet, the desire exists to bring some of these classics back into the physical realm, after a period of inaccessibility. Deteriorating rapidly, the few surviving copies of these original publications are confined to personal collections, leaving the internet as one of the only ways to view this particular era of BDSM fetish art. This publication was created to pull these images out of the darkness of musty drawers, storage boxes, and clandestine internet wormholes. To bring them back into the tangible world of pain and pleasure…