Water Ecologies for Our Shared Future (Regular Edition)

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Blanca de la Torre
and Christina Pettersson
Water Ecologies for our Shared Future creates an ode to the rich and
diverse ecosystems that make South Florida a unique and threatened
treasure. Through Blanca de la Torre’s inventive and witty storytelling
and Christina Pettersson’s delicate illustrations of local flora and
fauna, Water Ecologies for our Shared Future will capture its readers
and help them fall in love with South Florida’s history and its complex
and at-risk biodiversity. This collaborative publication is produced
and curated by Ombretta Argo’ Andruff of ARTSail Residency
and Research, to highlight the arts’ impact on conservation and
environmental activism.
The bilingual publication, in both Spanish and English, features
translations by Susan Caraballo, Susana Rodriguez Alvarez, and
Dacil Sanchez and was expertly researched with the assistance of
scientific consultants Dalton Helsley (Scientific Research Associate
III, Benthic Ecology and Restoration Lab RSMAS,) Eve Samples

(Executive Director, Friends of the Everglades,) Irela Bagué (Miami-
Dade County, Chief Bay Officer,) and Dr. Paul Gray (Audubon

Florida.) An extensive list of resources and references is included at
the end of the book.
Published by EXILE Books in 2023, the book is designed by Philip
Lique and is printed sustainably on 85% recycled paper/cardstock
with a spiral binding. Reduced ink coverage and colors, no page
trimming to reduce paper usage, and digitally printed locally in
Miami-Dade County to minimize environmental waste.
Exile Editions, 2024
Edition of 100
Graphic Designer: Philip Lique
Offset on recycled paper, spiral binding
17.5” w x 11” h x .25 d