'Wont 2 Cant: Part I' graphic novel - Ian Mackay and Gavin Owens

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Part I of Wont 2 Cant, a graphic novel by Ian Mackay and Gavin Owens.

“A charming fitness guru megalomaniac takes over the Monastery in a small medieval town. Or is it present day? The new Leader takes our protagonist Harold under his wing, but Harold is having second thoughts—is the mega-capitalist, ‘optimized’ new Monastery doing more harm than good? He descends into nihilistic excess and comes out the other side a new man. Part 1 of a sprawling Graphic Novel by Ian Mackay and Gavin Owens, this comic is a tour-de-force of cartooning and storytelling.” —Cold Cube Press

Published by Cold Cube Press; 96 pages; perfect-bound; risograph printed in black, orange, and mint ink on high-quality ivory vellum paper; 8” x 10”; second edition of 400; 2022.