Words to Sea Amanda Keeley

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Select a page from this book that is meaningful to you
Take a brush of water and trace the dotted line
Remove this earth-friendly dissolvable paper
Go to the ocean
Release it
Words to Sea immerses visitors in a contemplative atmosphere of
calm mindfulness and self-reflection. The interactive experience guides
the reader through a moment of focused gratitude and fosters inner
balance as they consider their fragile ocean surroundings.
The focal point of the Words to Sea installation is a poetic artist’s book
printed on water-dissolvable paper with eco-friendly plant-based ink.
Each page contains a short affirmation, intention, and mantra about
self-care and our environment. Viewers are invited to remove pages
from the book and release these words into the ocean. This ceremonial
moment allows for a pause to breathe and set intentions of gratitude
and positivity.
Comes packaged in a protective biodegradable clear sleeve with a
brush for water.

EXILE Editions, 2023
Edition of 100
Graphic Design: Brett Oliveri
Risograph printing on SmartSolve Paper,
packaged in clear biodegradable sleeve with paintbrush
8 1/8 x 5 1/8 x 1/2