Zuni Bread - Aya Muto

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This uniquely shaped bread that is often part of Zuni ceremonies as well as their daily meals completely captured my attention on my first trip there. Me and my friend both took these breads home and exchanged notes on how we reheated and ate them. I also made sure to take a ‘portrait’ of this bread before consumption. It was almost like a baby carrier that I have seen in black and white archival photos, but the bread's pillowy silhouette obscured the source. Haunted by this shape, I visited back to learn a little more about their bread, and with sheer luck stumbled upon one of the local lady’s bread baking in an open field. I visited again to next see her daughter collecting local tree branches to make a special broom for the bread oven. I want to keep visiting, as each time I learn a little more about the people and their ways - these are some images I’d like to share.

Born in Japan, Aya Muto is a photographer based in California. Interested in storytellings of people place and things, she combines images and text to explore the experiences. Since 2005, she has been publishing zines under the moniker Rain or Shine Books.

 Aya Muto
24 Pages
14 x 20 cm
b/w Photocopy
First Edition 2021
100 Copies

Published by Nieves